I find it especially satisfying to work on a website project that blends the best skills of several professionals. We all end up looking smarter and more talented!

My longtime website client, Linda Mastaglio, engaged our colleague Newell Crosse to redesign www.twi-pr.com. It had been many years since I built an earlier version in WordPress, and the site was overdue for a makeover.

Newell and I spent hours on the phone working out just how to lay out the new site, and how to achieve its special requirements. Sometimes my skill with coding (especially CSS) came into play. Most of the time, Newell’s clever design ideas and production techniques (especially video production) came to the fore.

A Polished Final Product

The new website is a great reflection of Linda Mastaglio’s high standards. As the ABOUT page mentions, she is “an award-winning leader in the communications industry… with over four decades of experience in strategic corporate planning, public relations, marketing, and communications.”

Special care was taken to make sure the site, including its HOME page video, shows up well on desktops, tablets, and smaller mobile devices. For instance, we found we needed to rely on the best features of BOTH YouTube and Vimeo for presenting the video on the HOME page.

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