The Cobbler’s Children Now Have Shoes!

I recently began building a new website for a Dallas fine artist. At our first meeting, I was too embarrassed to give her one of my old business cards. For several months I had been stretching my creativity on website design for clients, but paying little attention to my own advertising. It was a classic case of “The Cobbler’s Children Have No Shoes.”

It was also a violation of what I preached to myself and clients last year: “No more set it and forget it!.” So, on the long New Year’s weekend, I pounded out a new mobile-friendly WordPress website for JBH Communications. More than one friend had advised me to get rid of the highly personal Sangres panorama (mountains) in the site header. They were right. So, now I am using a skyline photo that I took one warm summer night in Dallas. It’s still personal, but unlike the Sangres panorama, these buildings represent where I WORK, not just where my heart belongs!

As the new year begins, I notice clients doing the same thing, asking themselves “What’s next? How can my organization be more successful in 2016?” So, what’s next for you and your business? How can I help?