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Most JBH Communications’ websites are built in WordPress. Since I also provide domain registration and hosting, I am able to produce sites very quickly. If necessary, a site can be launched within hours of the initial request. I also provide long-term maintenance (updating both content and WordPress and its plugins), although some of my clients choose to do their own content maintenance. Below is a sampling of the more than 100 websites I have built. I currently host and maintain more than 80 WordPress websites.

A Representative Sampling of JBH Websites

When Samantha Brosler graduates from high school next year, she hopes to attend a university where she can study both engineering and art.

In anticipation of applying to colleges in the fall, Samantha wanted a website where she could feature her drawing portfolio. Samantha and I settled on a simple website that would get viewers right into Samantha’s art and a short statement of how she relates art and science.

Dallas website designer for personal sites

Melissa Austin-Weeks’ day job is “Coordinator of Senior Adult Programming at TCU Alumni Relations.” The research that she does for that job inspires her to share on her busy blog.

In early 2016, Melissa contacted me about moving her Blogger blog over to a new WordPress website. She already had another web development firm engaged to do this, but they were not getting the job done. Within a few weeks, we had Melissa’s new site up and running. Read an interview I did with Melissa HERE.

Dallas responsive WordPress web site designer

Chef Teri had produced a site at her former hosting service, and needed an updated, responsive WordPress site.

Since Chef Teri has a background in graphic design, this project was largely a matter of coaching her in how to set up a WordPress site that would show off her culinary services and work on any display (full-size monitor down to smartphone screen). Together, we produced

Dallas responsive WordPress web site designer

Geiger Associates specializes in corporate employee communications. Their clients include Texas Instruments, Oncor, EDS (now a division of H-P), Alcatel-Lucent and others.

For initial contact with prospective clients, Geiger Associates needed a simple, straightforward Web site. JBH Communications produced a content-focused site with minimal graphics. As with most other projects, we also arranged for domain name registration and hosting. [Update: In 2017, we gave Don’s site a full update, pushing for even greater simplicity]

Geiger Associates website designer

David and Jana Showalter were preparing to leave the United States to serve as missionaries in Italy. They needed an easy-to-use Web site to communicate with existing and potential supporters. JBH Communications was delighted to supply this WordPress site, along with hosting. The Showalters have made excellent use of the blogging capabilities of WordPress. Check out their insightful writing at

Responsive WordPress website design in Dallas

Christian Counseling in Dallas consists of three professional biblical counselors in Dallas, Texas who provide professional help through individual, couples, family, and group counseling.

This database-driven Web site (built in WordPress) is actually four sites in one: the main, outer site, and one site each for the three principals. Thanks in large part to the brilliant choice of domain names, the site was on the first page of Google searches for the most relevant search terms within two weeks of launching (July 2009).

Dallas wordpress designer

Redeemer Bible Church of Dallas is a relatively young church, founded in 1999.

From early on in the church’s young life, JBH Communications provided pro-bono Web site and desktop publishing services. The Web site has obvious up-front value to visitors, but it also serves behind-the-scenes communications and administrative functions. We built the current WordPress version of the site in April 2010. Staff members maintain several areas of the site. [Update: In late 2013, all site maintenance was turned over to a part-time staff member of the church; since then a new version of the site was launched; subsequently, JBH Communications has refined the new site and is once again maintaining it.]

Dallas church wordpress web site designer

Ron Speed’s Adventures, Inc. is one of the largest international outfitters and fishing guides, taking clients to lakes in Mexico and to the Amazon basin in Brazil.

JBH Communications has worked with RSA since 1996, producing newsletters, ads, and ultimately designing a Web site in 2001. We have also produced several banner ads along the way. The Web site was redesigned in summer 2005 (by an outside firm), and JBH Communications was retained to serve as Webmaster.

website hosting in Dallas

A top CPA and educator for many years, Dr. Ronnie McClure refocused his practice to facilitate healing in client family relationships, particularly in the area of planning the transfer of family wealth from one generation to another.

Dr. McClure engaged JBH Communications, along with photographer Debra Klawetter, Business Communications specialist Don Geiger, and musician Shaun Paul to create a site reflecting this new high-touch, softer side of his consulting services.

website design for financial planners

Cedar Lake Camp in Tennessee entered its 70th year of operation in 2011, and needed a strong new Web site in preparation for a major capital campaign.

CLC engaged JBH Communications to create this WordPress-based site with online registration and payment, and to train staff members to update the pages.

website design and hosting for Christian camps