Hate scrolling? Ever been to a one-page website where the designer threw tons of type and images into one painfully long page?

It’s that experience that has made me shy away from one-page websites.

This Time, it Made Sense!

Corporate writer Don Geiger and I have been talking for some time about updating his website to a modern, responsive WordPress site. When Don finally pulled the trigger a few weeks ago, he gave me his usual well-planned copy for the site. It was not enough copy to justify a multi-page site. Here, finally was a good use for the one-page site. So we set about presenting Don’s client-oriented business with a highly-flexible premium WordPress theme. With a few artistic tweaks suggested by our friend Stan Hulen and a number of CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) tweaks by yours truly, we produced an elegant one-page site that works well on desktop and mobile browsers.

Take a look: www.geigerassociates.com.
[Note: at some later point, we may add discrete pages to the site, e.g., to house some of Don’s story-telling photography]