Payment Methods

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I currently invoice quarterly (or monthly, for those who choose this), using QuickBooks Payments.

The invoice will come to you by email. After clicking the blue “View and Pay Invoice” button, you can save or print the invoice and choose to pay by

  • Mailing a Check (most clients choose this method)
  • Doing a Bank Transfer (see below for help on this simple method)
  • Using a Credit Card

Tips for Using the Bank Transfer Method

This method has advantages for both myself and my clients:

  • All the client needs is his/her bank routing number and account number (both are on the bottom line of your checks).
  • The client doesn’t need to fill in a check or address an envelope or pay for postage.
  • At a cost of only $1 per transaction, QuickBooks does some of my bookkeeping!

If you choose to use Bank Transfer, be sure to check the box for “Bank”

Once you click in the field for “Routing number” or “Account number” the little check thumbnail will highlight the area where you can find the corresponding number on your actual checks.