Here’s something I have noticed in my years of working with website clients: they sometimes pay far more attention to social media (Facebook, Twitter, others) than to their own websites.

So What?!

I care about this because I want my clients’ websites to do as much as possible to further their aims: to snag new customers, new readers, new converts. When you add content to your website — most easily with BLOG posts — Google and other search engines index that content and are able to list your site higher in search results. The more good, relevant content that you add to your site, the more valuable it becomes. It all adds up. As any good webmaster will tell you, “CONTENT IS KING.” If you put all your new content in social media only, you’re missing out.

Isn’t Social Media Also Important?

I’ll grant that Facebook and other social media channels can be VERY helpful in communicating with your audience. This is both direct and indirect. Social media channels present the opportunity to spread your messages via your “friends'” networks.

But remember something important — you don’t OWN the social media channels. If you haven’t seen Facebook or other channels “change the rules” then you just haven’t worked with them long enough. Use them, but remember that they could kick you off on a whim. That’s extreme, but even less drastic changes could adversely affect your work on those channels. Use them, but remember that they’re actually using you. They make money by selling advertising based on all the information you and your contacts share about yourselves.

The Best of Both Worlds

Here’s what I recommend:

  1. Get comfortable with using your website’s blog function. Before you know it, you’ll find it as easy to publish on your site as you do to post on Facebook.
  2. Let me optimize your website’s social media connections so that you — as well as your friends and clients — can then use Facebook and other social media channels to share exactly what you want to be shared from your blog.* The sharing can be manual or even automatic!
  3. Consider adding MailChimp to the mix. What you post on your website blog can be automatically emailed to your mailing list.

Contact me about helping you help yourself to the best of both worlds. I’ll show you how to properly feed both your website and your social media.

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