As a web designer and photographer, my main job is to present ideas and images in the best light possible. It is not to MAKE them beautiful or appealing. Rather, when my client has done all he or she can to create something for the audience or customers, my job is to remove distractions — to peel back the dull.

A great example is Real Estate Photography. While I cannot ethically use Photoshop to “remove” structural problems, I’m fully justified in pretending that the sky was cheerful and the grass was green. Peeling back the dull can make all the difference between a potential buyer ignoring a listing or stopping to take a closer look.

For Example

I recently photographed this little property in Quinlan for my friend Jon Klaus. It’s perfect for someone who wants to get out of the big city and have room for horses (goats, sheep, llamas!). On the day of the photo shoot, the sky was overcast — DULL. So, back at my office I worked in Lightroom and Photoshop to replace the sky, brighten up the house, and add a little green to the dormant grass.

Do you have products you’d like to present better? Old family photos you’d like me to scan and retouch? Give me a call: (214) 843-1484.