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Sections of a Website

Every website created by JBH Communications is custom-made to the client's specifications. But as we plan out the site, these are sections that will almost always be included:
  1. The Header typically includes your site title and/or logo. It's a great place for quick contact information.
  2. The Menu Bar is usually below the header and includes navigation links to the pages on your site (can include search and links to external sites).
  3. The Body or Post is where the main content of each page is located.
  4. The Sidebar is where we'll generally place widgets, handy little blocks that give site-wide information or information dedicated to a single page or section of pages (such as links to "Pages in This Section." This is often a good place for newsletter sign-ups. The side bar can be on the left, right or both depending on your layout.
  5. The Footer is usually used for copyright information, contact information, and supplemental navigation bars.