Easy Website Stats For You

I'm inviting my clients to take advantage of a great free resource (sign up below). For years, I have used StatCounter on a few websites, but early this year, I installed StatCounter on all of the Wordpress sites that I host. It has been an eye-opener! For example,...

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New Site Takes Flight

How many children do you know whose field trips include flying in a Cessna 180? This was one of the many rich experiences that missionary pilot Larry Puckett brought to our family when we were fellow missionaries in Mexico. Larry's wife, Doris, recently...

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Tech Support at Two in the Morning

2014 Update: Crossloop bit the dust a few months back. It's a real shame. I wish I could afford Teamviewer, as it works quite well. My current volume of remote work just doesn't justify Teamviewer's prices. Instead, I am paying for a Zoho Assist account...

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