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Click image to enlarge. Photos were used for sales presentations.

Sunbelt Pools specializes in residential pool remodeling and commercial pool construction. JBH Communications photographed many of their projects for printed sales materials, exhibits, and for use on their Web site.

Photographing architectural elements like pools is a matter of rediscovering the designer’s vision and the homeowner’s most cherished experience.

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Photoshop Editing is a handy skill, not only for creating and enhancing company logos, but for telling client stories. One of my Web site clients is a fishing outfitter. Sometimes the pictures his guides submit don’t do justice to the size of their client’s catches. Photoshop helps tell their “fish story.” Who am I to say what the fish really looked like? Honestly, Photoshop enhancements do sometimes bring the truth out of misleading photos!

The two photos on the right illustrate pure fabrication. Starting with the “before” (top), I created the “after” (bottom) for a barbeque joint. Can you spot all the differences? Be sure to click the photograph to see it larger. (Note: the actual Barbeque Web site was built by friend and frequent collaborator Rob Ackerman).


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Becky Sander-Cederlof is one of those patient and talented artists who works with miniatures. As a thank-you to her and her husband for their generosity to our church, I photographed one of her doll-houses and built this “House Tour” Web site. The job involved maintaining consistency in the photographs’ exposure and color as well as making perspective adjustments in Photoshop. It’s a small (no pun intended) site, and a little cramped, but the organization is visitor-friendly.

Becky enjoys pointing her friends and family to this site.


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Serge is a French teacher who was visiting Dallas. His host arranged for me to take pictures of Serge in Pioneer Plaza (Downtown Dallas). The photos were used to produce personalized greeting cards. Within a few hours of the photo shoot, I had uploaded the images for Serge to make his selections (see photoshoot page).


Click image to enlarge. CLICK HERE to view site. is a simple WordPress Web site that I created for one of my clients as an aid to selling or leasing his beautiful house and property near Dallas. The site features straightforward, scrollable pages with photographs that I took of the house interior, exterior, and the land.

The Web site placed high in Google searches for the key search terms (e.g., “DFW horse ranch”) and was instrumental in getting the house leased quickly.

JANUARY 2015 NOTE: The photography on is an example of the Real Estate photography I was doing FIVE years ago. I have since improved my equipment and techniques tremendously. See current examples at, my Real Estate Photography site.